Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia. The city is administrative, business and economy center of the country, but also has a long history, which is making it quite an interesting destination for traveling there. In the past, the city was just a small fortress town, which was now growing to a large and modern metropolis. The city is combining the historical building, museums and traditional culture, with the new modern life and the modern business centers and complexes.

Definitely, the city is very beautiful and has a special spirit, which will not be missed by all the tourists. Riyadh city has a lot of historical sightseeing, which will attract visitors to the country. One of them is the Masmak fort, which is situated in the old center of the town Al-Bathaa. how to get a cuba visa

The visitors here can see massive and strong walls with towers, which nowadays are hosting a museum for ancient armors. In the town also are situated the Murabba castle and the Museum of architecture and history, which are highly visited by the tourists from all over the world, who want to touch the atmosphere of Saudi Arabia.


The city of Riyadh offers also highly comfortable and well-organized life. In the region, the Diplomatic Quarter has situated the residences of many foreign ambassadors and international organizations. In the region, there are many attractions and modern architecture. In Diplomatic Quarter of Riyadh are situated some malls, trading centers, and large entertainment squares and centers. Definitely, this is the place, where the foreigners will meet their native culture.
Of course, when we are talking about the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh, we should not miss the heart of the city – Olaya region. Here are situated a lot of restaurants, cafes, accommodation facilities and hotels, business and trade centers. Definitely here is the whole life of the city, and the most important part of the management of Riyadh.

The most important sightseeing, which you should visit here is the Riyadh Tower. This is the symbol of Saudi Arabia and shows the prosperity of the country and the richness of the population. Of course in the country, there are also a lot of attractive and beautiful destinations for traveling. In the region, the Kingdom Center has situated also one of the highest skyscrapers in the country. You can see also Al Faisaliyah Center, which is an architectural wonder and has a height of 267 meters and has a beautiful design.

The city of Riyadh is really beautiful and impressive for all the visitors and will meet you with different styles of life and architecture, which is a perfect combination of history and modernism.

The kitchen, which you can taste in the city is quite different from the traditional European and USA dishes and will give you the sense of the Asian traditions.


Saudi Arabia

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